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Festival is 18+

EchoWaves is an electronic music festival that invites you to experience the beautiful sea side resort of Anaklia, Georgia shadow of some stunning mountains, the festival will create unforgettable summer memories.

This festival brings quality underground music and offers beautiful sunsets, long beaches and a warm Black sea to swim in. The surrounding area is famously flat an agricultural, though the Greater Caucasus Mountains Range can be perfectly viewed over the sea and boats a rich history which is reflected in the local futures and customs as well as the architecture. It’s a very special location for a music festival that will boast next level production, impressive stages, day and night parties and stunning natural backdrops, sunsets and sunrises.

During the day you can enjoy playing sports, attending workshops and have fun with many different activities that will take place in 4 days.

Refund policy and right to cancellationž

* Echowaves Festival reserve the right to verify the identity of the festival visitors upon entering the Echowaves Festival grounds. If a visitor is unable to identify him/herself, he/she will be refused admission to Echowaves Festival, without any right to a refund of the admission price. Valid proofs of identity include: a valid ID, passport, or driver’s license.

* Stolen or lost Echowaves Festival tickets will not be refunded. The purchaser is responsible to take care of their own bracelet.

* Echowaves Festival tickets are neither refundable nor exchangeable for another type of ticket, day or weekend.

* Echowaves Festival may find itself forced to change or alter the Festival program. In this event, the admission ticket will remain valid and no admission tickets will be refunded or exchanged